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Our Doctors

Dr. Grace Li,
BSc BVMS (Glasgow)
IVAS-certified Vet Acupuncturist
Grad. Dip. Vet Chinese Herbal Medicine

Dr. Grace Li developed her interest in natural, alternative treatments while working at the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals and later as an emergency and critical care veterinarian at 24 hours hospitals. This interest stemmed from her desire to seek alternatives for her patients with terminal illnesses and ones with conditions that were non-responsive to conventional medicine. From her experience, she has found that the best outcomes occur when "complementary" therapies are integrated into a more "conventional" treatment plan. In 2000, she received her veterinary degree from The University of Glasgow, Scotland, and went on to complete a one-year post-graduate program in Veterinary Dermatology provided by The University of Sydney. She is certified in both veterinary and human acupuncture through the International Veterinary Acupuncture Society and The University of Hong Kong respectively. She has since then been offering her acupuncture services through 5 Elements Veterinary Acupuncture Services in a number of clinics and now it has become a permanent service at Tin Hau Pet Hospital.

Dr. Li continues to be committed in animal welfare and public educationShe has been a guest lecturer at The Open University and The Polytechnic University. She shares her home with a few rescued companion animals and has appeared regularly on local TV, radio shows and animal charity events, as well as presentations with various public bodies.  Professional memberships include The Hong Kong Veterinary Association, The Royal College of Veterinary Medicine & Surgery, The British Columbia Veterinary Medical Association, The International Veterinary Acupuncture Society, The British Medical Acupuncture Society, and The Veterinary Botanical Medicine Association.

關於 李純一 醫生













Dr. Angela Yung,
BA BVMS(Glasgow)
IVAS-certified Vet Acupuncturist

Inspired by James Harriot ever since she was a young girl, Dr. Angela Yung has always wanted to become a veterinarian.  Spending most of her informative years overseas, she obtained her first Degree in Marine Biology from the Boston University, Mass., USA. and went on to complete a second Degree in Veterinary Medicine and Surgery from the University of Glasgow, Scotland, UK. 

After a few years of small and large animal practice in England, she returned home to start another life journey as a veterinarian at Tin Hau Pet Hospital.  She believes every animal deserves a second chance, from abandonment to having advanced diseases that was told should be euthanized.  Rewarding results from integrating conventional and alternative medicine give her incentives to continue searching for new modalities to help animals.

Dr. Yung’s special interests include small animal internal medicine and soft tissue surgery, acupuncture, herbal medicine and nutrition. She fulfilled her commitment to professional continuing education by regularly attending numerous international seminars held online, locally and overseas. 

Professional memberships include British Small Animal Veterinary Association, Hong Kong Veterinary Association, Member of the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons and International Veterinary Acupuncture Society.

關於 榮文英 醫生

被James Harriot (一位英國獸醫及作家,寫作題材圍繞動物及自己的工作經歷)所啟發,榮醫生自小就立志要成為獸醫。在外國留學的榮醫生,於美國波士頓大學取得了她的第一個學位 ---- 海洋生物科學士,並繼續於英國蘇格蘭格拉斯哥大學完成她的第二個學位 --- 獸醫學院學士。






Dr. Sheena Cheng,
BVSc (Melbourne)

Veterinary Food Therapy (Chi University of TCVM)
Diploma in Clinical Acupuncture (HKU SPACE)


Dr. Sheena is an animal lover from a very young age.  Aspiring to become a veterinarian, she completed a Bachelor degree in Veterinary Science in the University of Melbourne in 2013, turning her passion into a life time career.

Dr. Sheena has special interests in both small animal medicine and surgery, and has completed post graduate studies in small animal internal medicine, ophthalmology and ultrasonography.  With a strong interest in Chinese Medicine, she completed a Graduate Diploma in Clinical Acupuncture from HKU Space in 2016 and also became a Certified Veterinary Food Therapist via the Chi University of Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine in 2021. She is currently pursuing qualifications in Veterinary Acupuncture and Veterinary Herbal Medicine from the Chi University of TCVM.  Dr. Sheena believes Western and Chinese Medicine are complementary to each other, and an integrated and holistic approach can often lead to great outcomes for the health and well-being of our fur family members.

Outside of work, Dr. Sheena enjoys spending her time with her family and friends. Her hobbies are baking, swimming and going on family trips.





Dr. Jessica Wong,
BVSc (Melbourne)

Chinese Acupuncture (Chi University of TCVM)

Dr. Jessica has always wanted to work with animals since she was young. She graduated from the University of Melbourne and worked in a small animal clinic in Singapore for 2 years before returning to Hong Kong where her heart and family is.

Passionate about helping and caring for animals of all kinds, Dr. Jessica was exposed to a variety of animals including strays, exotics and wild animals throughout her veterinary journey. She now mainly takes care of dogs and cats which she enjoys the most. Her area of interests include ultrasonography, internal medicine, and Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine (TCVM). In the year of 2018, she completed the Chinese veterinary acupuncture course with the Chi Institute and became a certified small animal acupuncturist. Since then, she has been using the skill to treat and help improve the quality of life of her patients.

Dr. Jessica has recently developed interest in feline medicine and is currently enrolled in a course held by the University of Sydney. She is looking forward to broadening her knowledge about cats and providing an even better care for all her feline patients.

In her spare time, Dr. Jessica enjoys being out in the sun and especially doing water sports.






Dr. Betty Cheung,
Bachelor of 
Veterinary Science (hons)
Chi Institute Chinese Acupuncture and herbal medicine
Chi Institute Food Therapy


Dr. Betty graduated with honors from the University of Queensland in 2006. Since then she has been working at different clinics in Australia and Hong Kong, seeing small animals and small exotic pets.  

A few years ago, she came across clinical cases that did not respond so well to conventional medicine. Her auntie's dog was paralysed on his back legs, and after a few sessions of electro-acupuncture, he started walking and running away from the needles! Another dog had chronic diarrhea for months, but developed normal stools after taking Chinese herbal medication. These successful cases affirmed her beliefs in complimentary medicine using herbs and acupuncture.  

Dr. Betty loves to integrate both Western and Chinese medicine to improve the animals’ health physically and mentally. Using Traditional Chinese Medicine theories (including the ‘five elements’ and ‘yin/yang’ balance) as well as dietary recommendation that matches the body’s constitution, she hopes to balance the animal’s body as a whole rather than only treating the symptoms. 

At the end of each busy day, she practices ‘qi-gong’ to replenish her ‘qi’ (with ‘Hermes’ her Shetland sheepdog sitting by her side) and enjoys yummy food to replenish her ‘gu qi’.




幾年前,她遇到了西醫也束手無䇿的臨床病例。她姨姨的西施狗特然半身不遂,經過多次電針治療後,它的情況開始好轉,竟然能夠自行走動,並且嘗試避開醫生的針! 另外,醫生表妹的小狗 "冬冬"患上慢性腹瀉經已數月,服用中藥後幾天便開始排正常的大便。這些成功案例加強了她對中獸醫藥的信心和興趣。


每天忙碌過後,她的小牧羊犬“Hermes”會陪伴她練習氣功來補充她的 “氣,和享用美味的食物來補充她的穀氣