Let's act to prevent Novel Coronavirus Infection

Dear Valued Customers,

Due to the spread of the Coronavirus, we outline below measures being taken by the clinic to ensure a healthy environment. THPH will remain open during this period.

1. The clinic has prepared antiseptic products for cleaning and disinfection to ensure a safe hospital environment and we have enhanced our regular cleaning to take account of the situation.

2. Please be reminded to bring your own mask and to wear a mask when entering the Clinic. Customers are required to receive temperature checks at the entrance.

3. As much as possible, please wait in the reception area (or outside to get some fresh air) while your pet comes for laboratory testing and/or treatment. For consultation, our veterinarians may speak to you over the phone or allow maximum ONE client to come into the consultation room for face to face consultations if required.

4. Any person (clients/staff), who has returned from countries anywhere outside of Hong Kong are advised to stay at home and may not come to the Clinic premises for a period of 14 days after his or her arrival, or for a period of 14 days after the arrival into Hong Kong of any member of your household.

5. Customers are advised to stay at home and may not come to the Clinic if :
  a. you have a temperature of 37.3°C or above, or suffering from a cough or any respiratory issues (with the exception of an existing asthmatic condition), or any of the other symptoms associated with COVID-19,
  b. any household member or any of the accompanying guests falls within any of these parameters.
  c. you or the accompanying guests have come into close contact with any person who falls within any of these parameters until that person has completed his or her own 14 day self-isolation period and is clear of symptoms.

Please note our hours of operations may change in the course of coming days, so we encourage you to make your appointments well in advance and beware of any possible changes. We confirm all appointments the day before the appointed time. We will continue to assess the situation on a daily basis and will notify our clients of any further changes as soon as possible.

We thank you for your continuous patronage and please accept our apologies for any inconvenience caused !

Wishing you all good health!

Tin Hau Pet Hospital
30 March 2020

Notice post on: 30 March 2020     

由於新型冠狀病毒疫情發展,我們採取以下措施,希望帶給顧客與員工健康環境。在此期間,天后寵物醫院 將繼續營業。

1. 本診所已準備相關清潔和消毒產品,以確保診所環境清潔,並已加強日常清潔。

2. 顧客敬請在診所時戴上口罩,並在入口處接受體溫檢查。

3. 寵物到來診症時,顧客請盡量在接待區(或到診所外空氣流通地方)等候,我們的獸醫可以通過電話與您聯絡,進行診症 諮詢。或在需要時,允許最多一位顧客入診症室進行面對面的諮詢。

4. 任何從海外回港人士 (包括顧客或本診所員工),或有家庭成員,抵港後 14 天內,均建議在家隔離,不應到本診所。

5. 顧客若有以下情況,建議留在家中,不應到本診所:
  i. 你的檢查體溫為 37.3 度或以上,或有咳嗽、呼吸急促症狀,或有新型冠狀病毒相關的任何其他症狀
  ii. 任何家庭成員或任何緊密接觸者有以上症狀
  iii. 你或同行人士有相關緊密接觸者有以上症狀或情況

我們的營業時間可能會因應疫情變化而有所調動,因此我們建議顧客提早進行預約,及留意本診所之最新消息。我們會在 已預約之前一工作天再確認您的預約。我們將繼續每天評估情況,如有進一步調動,將盡快通知各位顧客。


2020 年 3 月 31 日
Notice post on: 30 March 2020     
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