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Veterinary Homeopathy 順勢治療

Homeopathy is a sophisticated therapeutic system of medicine based on the Law of Similars which states that "like cures like". This means that a substance administered in large doses to a healthy animal will produce specific symptoms, but when this same material is administered in minute doses, it will stimulate the body to fight off the symptoms. Over two hundred years of experimentation has documented the profound effects of this type of medication on humans and animals. Homeopathic remedies are natural substances made from plant, animal or mineral sources and act to stimulate the natural defences of the body. The patient's own defences, properly stimulated, are usually sufficient to bring the patient back into balance, thus eliminating the disease. The remedies are used to stimulate the whole patient to heal, not alter the body chemistry as with conventional medicines. These remedies rarely produce side effects.

1810年,德國醫生塞繆爾·哈內曼創建順勢療法。順勢療法在歐美國家已經應用兩個多世紀。動物體內存在著一個 “自癒機制”, 來幫助身體回復健康,獸醫會利用天然物質治療疾病,物質會被稀釋至可安全服用之濃度,動物服用後,會調節身體內功能,刺激及平衡內分泌,從而痊癒,這便是順勢治療。
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