Wellness Plan Recommendations
Pet Care Service

Pet Care Service 服務概覽

For the safety of your pet and your own peace-of-mind, we are reluctant to provide advice concerning the diagnosis or treatment of your pet, or answer specific questions over the telephone or via email.
We know you can appreciate that for a complete and thorough diagnosis, a relevant medical history must be provided and a physical examination performed by our veterinarian during our consultation.


Acupuncture 針灸
Dentistry 牙科護理
Emergency 急症服務
Export certificates 出國健康証明
Herbal medicine 草藥治療
Homeopathy 順勢治療
In- house laboratory 各種化驗服務
Intensive care 深切治療
Nutritional counseling 營養輔導
Routine exams 例行檢查
Reiki "Tender Loving Care" 靈氣治療
Spay / neuter絕育手術
Surgery 手術服務
Vaccinations & titre testing 疫苗注射及疫苗抗體測試
X-rays X光檢查

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