From Mark and Eric.

We own 6 Chihuahua dogs, all boys and under 3 years old. Perky and Pinky were our first, bought from a pet shop in Mongkok, they came with kennel cough, skin infections and general low health. We fell in love with them as they were so friendly. A friend of ours recommended the Tin Hau Pet Hospital as being very "dog friendly". Angela and Grace were very helpful making Perky and Pinky feel comfortable. Their problems were successfully treated with both traditional and herbal medicines. During the following months, 2 more dogs joined our family. Porky and Hooter, both unwell, Hooter in particular had been badly neglected. Thanks to Angela's emergency treatment followed by Grace's holistic work, Hooter is now a happy and well 2 year dog full of contented life.

Ronnie, dog number 5 came from the Tin Hau Pet Hospital. Ronnie was a 9 week old pup brought in by its first owners with Parvo-virus, usually deadly Ronnie had little chance of survival. The owners wanted Ronnie euthanised but Angela and Grace decided to try to save Ronnie with our help to home him if they were successful. Thanks to the Pet Hospital's expertise and care, Ronnie pulled through so our family grew by 1 more. Since then, we've rescued Siso, an abandoned 3 year old Chihuahua boy who we will introduce to everyone at the Pet Hospital soon.

So with our family complete, we look forward to many happy years of companionship with our dogs, secure in the knowledge that Angela, Grace and all the staff at the Tin Hau Pet Hospital will be there to help us care for these wonderful pets. We are very happy to recommend the Pet Hospital. We much appreciate their high level of personal dedication, better than many other veterinary practices in our experience. There is a real genuine warmth and love for pets at the Pet Hospital. Eric and me much appreciate this dedication and wish the Tin Hau Pet Hospital every success in the future. We hope the loving spirit at the Pet Hospital grows so more pets can be cared for in this wonderful caring way.

Mark Fenlon and Eric Ng, lovers of Chihuahuas.



Dear Dr Grace & Dr Angela,

Thank you very much for looking after BLACKBERRY ˇ§HAK MUIˇ¨ & ROMEO ˇ§LOW MEWˇ¨ through the year. Both have benefited so tremendously

from their veterinary acupuncture treatments & herbal formulas. They look forward to their visits & are very happy afterwards!

Here are pictures of them in their holiday gear! Romeo was 4 years old in April & Blackberry celebrated her 14th birthday in July!

With best wishes for the New Year,

Marianne M. L. YEO

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